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Skill gap is a major problem facing India now, and the problem just got aggravated with the Covid-19 pandemic and the long lockdown. Here’s what undergraduates need to learn. All the sectors are continually evolving, so we have to prepare for the future by acquiring relevant skills on-the-go to maintain a competitive edge. So, while a skill gap and work-readiness definitely are pressing issues that most new graduates face, there is also a solution. ISIEINDIA is the most popular and favourite E-mobility Motorsports, Education and Research Publication organisation in India among engineering institutes and green energy research organisation. We give the platform to new start-ups, Innovative ideas and to passionate people, who really want to contribute to society. We are making use of concepts like experiential learning, project-based learning, and activities for students, and peer to peer interaction to skill youth in EV sector via our Skill Development, Online & Webinar Programs. 


Mr. Ashhar Ahmed,

Head-International Strategic Alliances & Export Partnerships, E-Trio.

Program Sketch: 

  • Present Automobile Industry 
  • Transportation Industry Overview 
  • Challenges for Mobility Sector 
  • Future of Mobility in India 
  • National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 
  • FAME Program 
  • E-Mobility Evolution 
  • EVs & HEVs 
  • Electrification of Mobility: Technological Approach 
  • Global EV Market 
  • Indian EV Market Segmentation 
  • Key Market Players of Indian EV Industry 
  • Key driving factors for EVs 
  • Supply Chain for EV Industry 
  • EV Ecosystem 
  • EV Business Propositions 

Program outcomes
  • Understanding of Present day Automotive Sector.

  • Exploring role of E-Mobility in Transportation Industry.

  • Understanding of Environmental/Climate Change Issues.

  • Exploring Challenges for Mobility Sector in coming time.

  • Exploring E-Mobility Future in India.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity


  • 1 Lessons
  • 02:00:00 Hours
  • Webinar02:00:00

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