Hybrid -Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell (Future Mobility of India)


Mobility has become a critical economic factor both directly and as a means of providing the goods and services necessary for the foundation of economic life. It is central to leading a comfortable life in the cities and being part of urban life. Mobility is used for every aspect of life from earning the daily bread to helping become a part of the social circle. 

The desire for an easy and hassle-free life fulfilled by mobility comes with its own set of consequences. With the world of mobility being heavily reliant on private cars, the benefits come attached with costs. As a result, we are all facing issues like congestion, pollution, uneven access to economic opportunities, lack of adequate parking facilities in developing cities, as well as the more than 1.25 million people killed globally in car accidents every year.

The transport sector accounts for 18% of total energy consumption in India. This translates to an estimated 94 million tonnes of oil equivalent (MTOE) energy. If India were to follow the current trends of energy consumption, it would require an estimated 200 MTOE of energy supply annually, by the year 2030 to meet the demand of this sector. At the moment, this demand is being met mostly through imported crude oil, which therefore makes this sector vulnerable to the volatile International crude oil prices. Moreover, the sector also contributes estimated 142 Million Tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, out of which 123 million tonnes is contributed by the road transport segment alone.

This course on Electric/Hybrid/fuel cell Vehicles specially designed program by a team of experts led by a ISIEINDIA technical committee (300+ Professional Member from Indian and Global OEM i.e. M & M, TATA Motors, Renault, TVS etc.) Brought to you by ISIEINDIA e-leaning Platform a leading online learning platform for EVs popular in India and south Asia. ISIEINDIA leading E-mobility platform for professionals, Engineers, Academicians and Students. We are filling the gap between education and Industry level skill required.


Hybrid -Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell (Future Mobility of India) is one of the best online training programs to learn about Electric /Hybrid Vehicle and Fuel cell Technologies.

• Case Study : Development of Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle Architecture for Passenger Car Application

• Base vehicle performance simulation using CRUISE algorithm / Experimental Validation

The program is complete package of Hybrid Vehicle Technology, Electric Vehicle Technology and Fuel Cell Technology. Program will give you professional level understanding about technologies, optimisation techniques, Case Study. It’s one of the best programs for students and Academicians to learn and have upgraded stat in EV technologies and Fuel cell Vehicles.

What you will learn:

• Need / Justification / Emission & NVH Targets (Indian Scenario)

• Conceptualisation of Required Technology

• Study of different architectures for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

• Case Study : Development of Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle Architecture for Passenger Car Application

• Base vehicle performance simulation using CRUISE algorithm / Experimental Validation

• Control Strategies for electrification / Final Proposed Layouts for Hybridisation

• Hybrid Vehicle performance simulation with Optimum Control Strategies

• Engine and Electric motor performance characterisation

• Optimum Electric Drive Technologies : DTC and FOC

• DTC / FOC : Simulation Results

• Fuel Cell Vehicles

Program outcomes
  • You will be learning about emission and NH targets as per Indian Scenario.

  • You will get to know about complete concept of Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicle.

  • Case Study will provide opportunity to understand Powertrain in details with various real time examples.

  • Course will give you understanding about concept and architectures for Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

  • Knowledge of Control Strategies.

  • You will learn about HEV Performance simulation and optimum Control Strategies.

  • You will be having understanding about DTC / FOC simulation results.

  • Its complete package of EV, HEV and Fuel Cell Vehicle to learn and grow.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Interest in electric vehicles, telecom, solar, aerospace or consumer electronics applications.


  • 6 Lessons
  • 04:59:56 Hours
  • 1) Transportation Industry 2) Challenges for Mobility Sector 3) Future of Mobility in India 4) E-Mobility Evolution 5) Gasoline Vehicle Architecture 6) Hybrid Vehicle Architecture 7) Plug In Hybrid Vehicle Architecture 8) Electric Vehicle Architecture 9) 00:53:56
  • 1) Present Challenges 2) Key Driving Factors for EV/HEV 3) Types of Emissions from Vehicle 4) Emission from a particular vehicle 5) Emissions from different types of vehicles 6) European Emission Standards 7) Emission Norms in India 8) Indian Emission Sta01:00:00
  • 1) EV System Layout 2) Series Hybrid Vehicle 3) Parallel Hybrid Vehicle 4) Combined Hybrid Vehicle 5) Hybridization 6) Strong Hybrid 7) Medium Hybrid 8) Mild Hybrid 9) Plug In Hybrid01:00:00
  • 1) Case Study Hybrid Passenger Car 2) Power Train Development Cycle 3) Architecture for Vehicle 4) Algorithm Simulation 5) Performance Characteristics 6) Vehicle Performance Simulation 7) Optimum Performance using Control Strategies 8) Toyota Prius Case S01:00:00
  • 1) Electrical, Electronics, Power Electronics 2) Power Electronics System & Application 3) Types of Power Electronics Circuits 4) Power Electronic Devices 5) DC/AC Topology 6) Direct Torque Control Model 7) Field Oriented Control Model 8) Energy Sourc01:06:00
  • Assessment 1

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Mrs Chandrakala - Fri, 19-Jun-2020

Trainer and his teaching style is excellent. Learned a lot from this course.

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