EV Modelling Crash Course


This session will include parameters considered when designing the architecture starting from placing the power plant, automotive systems, wheel size, battery and motor configuration, chassis type, etc We will be using prominent CAD software Dassault Systems Solidworks to design generic electric vehicle chassis, automotive systems to get hands on approach implementing above criteria for design. Participants will learn Assembly of electric vehicle on Solidworks. 

Need of ANSYS with CAD would be worked in terms of static analysis for car. This session will also help how model based design method can reduce testing and enhances product development all without physical manufacturing of prototype

Program outcomes
  • Crystal clear idea of preliminary design phase of chassis and automotive systems design and approach for EV.

  • Hands on experience of physical modeling of electric vehcicle on SolidWorks. This would end with application based approach for real life problem solving technique

  • Implementation of above rules, conditions and regulations as per industry standards.

  • Testing and validating the physical design model made on CAD/CAE. Verify if the model is as per objective set by the market requirement.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Interest in electric vehicles, telecom, solar, aerospace or consumer electronics applications.


  • 10 Lessons
  • 05:37:00 Hours
  • Types of chassis00:28:00
  • Body types00:07:00
  • Function of chassis00:07:00
  • Chassis materials, Ergonomics & NCAP Test00:18:00
  • Solidworks basics, Sketching, Basic modelling, Surface modelling & Sheet metal modelling.00:56:00
  • 3D Sketching, Rendering, Weldment, Assembly and material Configuration00:56:00
  • Chassis Modelling and Automotive System Placing00:55:00
  • ANSYS Basics & Structural Analysis00:57:00
  • CFD Basics and Analysis00:53:00
  • Mini Project: Designing of Roll Cage of Electrical Vehicle

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