Components Study - Motor/Controller/Battery


Electric vehicle are becoming more popular now a days due to the rapid depletion of fossil fuels, emission of enormous hazardous gases and continuous increasing fuel cost. The vehicles require energy for operating them and so, any renewable energy source can be used as primary input energy source to derive the prime mover first and then to derive the vehicle finally.

This program give you deep learning about Battery Management system, Motor controller connections, Protection , Assembly and disassembly of motor controller , integration of battery Motor , controllers.

Program outcomes
  • The program will give you professional level knowledge.

  • You will learn about to select right type and size of Motor and Motor Controller

  • You will be having professional level knowledge about selection and integration of components for EV Powertrain i.e. Battery, Motor, BM , controllers.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.


  • 2 Lessons
  • 01:52:25 Hours
  • Introduction to Motor , Controller and Battery & Assembly of Kelly Controller00:57:25
  • Connections of Motor controller / Introduction to Battery types and its specification / Introduction to Controller types and its specification / Integration of Motor, Controller and Battery00:55:00

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