ASDC Certified Electric Vehicle Powertrain


Program outcomes



  • 54 Lessons
  • 17:40:00 Hours
  • Construction of Electric Vehicles-EV00:13:00
  • Construction of Hybrid Vehicle-HEV and types00:12:00
  • Parallel Hybrid Powertrain00:13:00
  • Series Hybrid Powertrain00:12:00
  • Plugin Hybrid Powertrain00:13:00
  • Mild & Micro Hybrid Powertrain00:13:00
  • Power Split00:10:00
  • Power Flow in EV & HEV00:20:00
  • Complete Vehicle System Modelling & Drive Cycle Simulation- Using Ricardo Ignite00:50:00
  • Efficiencies Comparison EV Vs. HEV00:17:00
  • Case study of Power Train of Toyota Hybrid Car00:19:00
  • Simulation on MATLAB00:13:00
  • Simulink and Blockset00:17:00
  • Powertrain Blockset00:14:00
  • EV Modelling00:30:00
  • Classification of Motors00:15:00
  • Motor operating Characteristics00:19:00
  • Reluctance Motors00:15:00
  • Synchronous Motors00:10:00
  • Controller topologies00:11:00
  • Type of Controller (Sine Wave / Square Wave)00:11:00
  • Flux Modulating Machines00:17:00
  • DC Machines00:15:00
  • NVH Characterization of Electric Motors00:20:00
  • Case Study(Noise, Vibration & Harshness Challenges in Vehicle Light weighting )00:24:00
  • How to Select type and size of Motor for EV with Calculation01:14:00
  • Li-Ion Battery for EV (Parameter )00:30:00
  • Calculation for Battery ( Motor Selection, Voltage , WLTP, Capacity & Configuration)00:30:00
  • Difference between a DIY pack and an industry-grade battery pack00:16:00
  • Onboard charging00:12:00
  • How to choose the right Charger Port for your vehicle00:16:00
  • What safety considerations should be taken care of before launching an EV vehicle00:18:00
  • Case Study on TATA Electric Bus Powertrain01:10:00
  • Type of Drive Train00:21:00
  • Selection of Drive Train00:20:00
  • Setting up model of Hybrid Drive Train00:29:00
  • Simulating Model of Hybrid Drive Train (Ricardo-Ignite)00:28:00
  • Improve Vehicle Performance and Fuel/Energy Consumption00:22:00
  • Control Strategy of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle for Maximum Energy Economy00:16:00
  • The requirement of Energy Management in EV00:10:00
  • Control Strategies of HEV00:21:00
  • Regenerative braking System00:16:00
  • Kinetic Energy Recovery System00:17:00
  • Power flow and exchange inside an EV (Software)00:19:00
  • Why do we need to shift voltage levels inside different subcomponents of an EV?00:14:00
  • how to filter noise to allow your circuit to work effectively in the field00:17:00
  • Difference between high voltage design and low voltage design00:15:00
  • Vehicle Harness System Modelling (Mathematical)00:21:00
  • safety considerations do you need when dealing with high voltages00:15:00
  • Challenges in EV00:15:00
  • Goals set for Electrification00:15:00
  • Requirements for Policy Making00:15:00
  • Standards and regulation in India00:15:00
  • Validation of EVs as per ARAI standards00:10:00

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