Market has changed ever since electric vehicles have been quite in demand. Though the development has been remarkable from the 2000's. And now we are into an era where choosing an electric vehicle can make a lot of difference with the variety of what we see. In this blog we will look out for 9 hottest selling electric vehicles roaring in Indian market right now.

1. MG ZS EV: When it comes to the price tag of around Rs. 21 lakh, Morris Garage's ZS EV out Performs in the field of battery capacity worth 44.5 kWh, this makes the vehicle run on a stretch of 340 km on a single charge.

But the question arises whether it could capture the market with the huge cost and also provide charging timing ranging from 6 - 8 hours. With this full package you can top up the speed of around 140 kph which is quite remarkable in the price segment. Worth keeping an eye. When it comes to safety, it offers a ‘5’ star rating in NCAP.

2.Tata Nexon EV: If you are looking for office commute or short distance drive to fetch groceries, dropping kids to schools, etc. and still to be left with a lot of juice; Tata Nexon EV comes handy in terms of price tag, performance. With charging time worth 8 hours which drags the vehicle for around 312 km, this could even help you drive a short route to Lonavala and back from Mumbai.

Isn't that serving the purpose by clocking 120 kph at expressway en-route? Thanks to the 30.2 kWh battery capacity unit. We are excited to know that Tata EV is still up with bringing more with range for all segments. It also bears a price tag of Rs. 14 lakh.

3. Hyundai Kona Electric: If you want to farthest with an electric vehicle, this car is for you. Korean maker promises a range of around 452 km per charge which is the highest among any vehicle in mass production in India. A must for a cruiser wanting person, this vehicle on a single stretch gives you less fatigue than compared to constant gear changing in a manual transmission combustion vehicle.

Thanks to the 39.2 kWh batteries pack and a top speed of around 167 kph. And it usually takes 6 hours to top up the battery. So sleep until it's 100 %during the night.

4. Tata Tigor EV : The other Tata vehicle which is flashing the list is the Tata Tigor EV. Us in the indigenous platform for electric and combustion makes it fast for Tata to build it from scratch. This quiet beast can achieve a top speed of 80 kph which is alright for city limit.

This peppy car is one the best option with 16.2 kWh battery capacities and with a price tag of around 12 lakh. This driving beauty charges in around 6 hour seamlessly.


5. Mahindra eVerito: One of the prominent car makers in India, Mahindra has designed and developed eVerito for Indian consumers. This inexpensive vehicle bears a tag of Rs. 10.5 lakh. Mahindra promises to provide 11 - 12 charging hours to top up.

To suit the daily commutes around the work and leisure, eVerito is equipped with 21.2 kWh battery capacities that drives up to 181 km per full charge with a top speed of 86 kph on highways.

6. Mahindra has XUV 300 EV: To capture the top notch segment, Mahindra has XUV 300 EV on cards. This superior class vehicle has a battery capacity of 40 kWh which gallops the vehicle for200 - 300 km. too long for the organization to start with.

Also with a price tag of around Rs. 18lakh, the company is yet to release the charging time and top speed it can achieve sooner in 2020.

7. Mahindra eKUV100: Parallel to Mahindra eVerito, the company has come up with eKUV100. Just to make an electrical version of the combustion unit, the organization has come up with an exciting vehicle which drives the vehicle 140 km on a single charge.

If you are wondering about the charging time, the vehicle takes 6-8 hours to fully charge 15.9 kWh battery capacities. With a wide spread of workshops and strong presence after sales, this could be a great threat to Tata by a local vehicle.

8. Porsche Taycan: If price tag is not an issue, then this is the best thunder that you can rover on the street. With a massive battery capacity of 79.2 kWh, this wagon can flush the street with whooping 250 kph speeds.

Thanks to the automotive systems; the vehicle can be driven up to 407 km on a single charge with around 6-8 hours of battery charging time. Coming to the price tag bracket, this silver lining piece costs Rs. 1.1 crore on Indian roads. Hefty amount.

9. Audi e-tron: The last vehicle on our list is the European giant's Audi e-Tron. When performance is all you need, this is the car you should wait for. The expected price tag is 90 lakh to 1 crore and can run for maximum 400 km.

If you are guessing about the battery capacity, Audi e-tron has a ultra-massive, 95 kWh. The company is yet to declare the charging infrastructure included to charge this whirling motors machine.

10. Nissan Leaf:  Nissan LEAF is a pure electric vehicle powered only by electricity, and its battery can be charged at home. The electric motor that replaces the conventional engine offers a totally different driving experience with quiet and responsive acceleration.

With a platform designed specifically for electric vehicles, Nissan LEAF will be introduced globally in the second half of fiscal late 2010 as the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle. Nissan LEAF has a driving range of more than 160 km on one full charge in city mode*. It takes eight hours for full-charging through a power outlet. When you go out, charging can be done with a quick charger, a 10-minute charge will allow you to drive an additional range of 50 km.

So this was all about the raging electric vehicles that we see around the market or expected to see around 2020!

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